Hurry Scurry Invitation Information

Hurry Scurry Invitation

Appearing at these times

Sun, 12:00, 12:40, Jubilee Arena


A crowd favourite, Scurry Driving is fast and furious. Pairs of ponies race around a course of cones - the fastest time wins, but knock any of the cones and face 3 second time penalties.

Following the successful inaugural event held last year, the Graham Beeson Memorial Cup takes place in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Arena on Sunday afternoon at 12.00 noon.

This year the brave amateur Groom ‘volunteers’ are:

• Lucy Chambers and Eveey Hunter representing the Office Team
• Dicken Walters and Will Dickinson representing our mature Stewards
• Little Tommy Lines, (with Mum Lisa), representing our Young Adult Membership!

The winner will receive the prestigious Graham Beeson Memorial Cup, plus the generous £300 prize money for their chosen charity, kindly donated by the Beeson Family.

We are grateful to Liz Eldridge and the Scurry Driving Association Team for their professional guidance and support.

Remember the louder you cheer, the faster the ponies go!!
Hurry Scurry Invitation