Mr Alexander's Travelling Show Information

Mr Alexander's Travelling Show

Appearing at these times

Sat, 12:30, , Picnic Area
Sat, 14:30, , Picnic Area
Sat, 16:00, , Picnic Area
Sun, 12:30, , Picnic Area
Sun, 14:30, , Picnic Area
Sun, 16:00, , Picnic Area


Mr Alexander's show is a skillful spectacle combining magic, juggling, unicycling, balance and illusion. Three different half hour shows and an array of improvised routines fill the day with continuous entertainment of a very high quality. The colourful, eye-catching Victorian Theatre stage ensures a great view for everyone. The style and content is based on travelling shows of years gone by, borrowing from Vaudeville, Music Hall and British Variety. There is also plenty for the modern audience to marvel at; Mr Alexander fascinates the adults and amuses the children and is to be seen at the finest events throughout Britain.
Mr Alexander's Travelling Show