Parade of Hounds Information

Appearing at these times

Sun, 13:00, 13:30, Countryside Arena
Sun, 15:45, 16:15, Countryside Arena


The TFSHB are the local pack of beagles to the Show at Redbourn, the result of an amalgamation in 2004 of the Cambridge University pack, the Trinity Foot, and the South Herts Beagles. Both packs have a long and august history joining together to ensure a future for hunting in an increasingly urbanised area. The hunt continues to operate within the law and to champion the wellbeing of their traditional quarry, the hare, in the area they operate in and are actively involved in monitoring the hare population there and in conservation initiatives. Beagles are followed on foot and all are welcome. The Beagles can be found on the Stand No 054 and will be parading in the Countryside Arena on Sunday at 11:45 & 3:45.
Parade of Hounds